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I, Maxim Levy met & spoke with many marketers and publishers in the past 10 years and we all agree that Affiliate Products are they best for us to earn extra money for living. A service that helps publishers monetize their sites by sharing affiliate partner revenues if readers buy products or services.
AffiliateShop adds a product related to your search on a web page, if a reader clicks on that product link and buys the product or service, AffiliateShop gets a great discounts and low rate and pass the saving to the customers by reducing the price before publishing it online.
Here are some notes to remember:

  • Online publishers and internet marketers offer an affiliate products to make a living as well as to offer the consumers great deal.
  • Online articles are important to the sales process because they initiate customer interest but their importance isn’t noticed because of the way affiliate payments are tracked.
  • If the costumers loosing out the don’t come back and will not buy any products online.
  • The solution is complex because it is difficult to determine how far back to track the sales process.
  • Affiliate Products can be a great source for content because more and more people are looking for these products because they know they are in a great deal for them.
  • The last-click is part of the reason that high quality content isn’t appreciated by merchants and advertising agencies. They pay attention to end-of-funnel sites.
  • Key research find: Content sites are the first place users read about a product 27% of the time, and they are the source of new customers 55% of the time.
  • Content sites drive nearly 30% more new customers to brand sites than the average of all other channels.
  • When consumers start reading a content site about a product it sparks a growing desire for the purchase: 9% of sales occur within one hour, 16% within 24 hours, and 31% within 3 days. Yet they receive only 6% of affiliate payments.

The last-click economics of the web is a very important issue and one that AffiliateShop is right to draw attention to because its resolution is very much in the public interest.
Good Luck and AffiliateShop day!

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