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Meditations2Go CD Set 4 features two full-length, fully immersive guided audio meditations (synchronized music and narration) on a single audio CD.
Track 1: “Healing and Wholeness” (28:11 minutes): This audio meditation can be used regularly to strengthen your general wholeness and vibrancy, and specifically to address any current ailment or ongoing condition. By restoring balance and gently clearing energy blocks – at the levels of the physical body, the conscious and unconscious mind, and the emotions – this meditation helps you open to the natural healing and life-force energies available for your greater health and vitality.
Track 2: “Aligning with Your Strength and Knowing” (37:22 minutes). This is another audio meditation that is excellent for regular use, as it brings a deep calm, clarity, reinvigoration and reintegration gently but comprehensively through all the systems of your body, mind & energy. This meditation culminates in a gentle, but powerful exercise in which you draw in higher light to bring balance to any particular situation or challenge you currently face.
Drawn from 28+ years of actual group meditation classes, Meditations2Go guided audio meditations are extremely practical, combining ancient traditional meditative techniques with new approaches & new energies aligned with our time.
Editorial Reviews:
“All the CDs are well done & effective. People who are experiencing chaos or difficulty will find these 1/2-hour meditations soothing, calming and liberating.” -New Age Retailer Magazine
“So fluid that you’ll find yourself easily carried along, even if you’re totally wound up and stressed.” -Whole Life Times Magazine
“Brookler’s measured tone is suitably soothing and his years of experience mean that he really knows what he’s talking about and thus you can reach a deep level of relaxation.” -Self Help Product Reviews

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