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Earn up to 50% in 24 hours with global business revolution coin (gbrc)

I noticed that the change in this global business revolution coin (gbrc) is based on movement with every 24 hours.  It is recommend to follow up this coin because you can make high profits within 24 hours, I made a purchase of this coin yesterday and sold it today and made 67% profits. Worth trying and earning. Click the banner for the exchange rate in the last 7 days.

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The global business revolution since the 1980s has witnessed an unprecedented degree of industrial consolidation and concentration of business power at a global level. Firms with powerful, globally recognised technologies and/or brands constitute the ‘systems integrators’ at the apex of extended supply chains. This paper examines the supply chains in four different sectors: aerospace, telecommunications, automobiles and beverages. It finds that these sectors have striking similarities in the way in which the core systems integrators have stimulated industrial concentration across the whole supply chain. This ‘cascade effect’ has profound implications for firms from developing countries in catching up at the firm level.

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